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The game World of Pine is the Island of Albamare, which is home to isolated human tribes.

Pine - as in the developers description - is special for its alternate "evolutionary timeline", where other creatures but humans developed further and discovered language and culture. Humans never leave the island out of fear losing its safety.

When players are playing the main character Icon-Species-Text-HumanHue, they will have to help his tribe to survive and sustain their territory. Hue will find many Vaults on his way and uncover treasures and mysteries from the past.

Species[ | ]

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Including Humans there are a total of 12 Species inhabiting Albamare.

  • Humans
  • Five non-human tribes
  • Tambas and Mannoths roaming the Island on their own
  • Four Critters

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Villages[ | ]

Areas[ | ]

Caves[ | ]

Caves that didn't make it into the final game[ | ]

  • Bay Cove
  • Sappling Cove
  • Telkin Hall

Vaults[ | ]

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