Waddletooth Loin

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Waddletooth Loin
Glossary-Food-Waddletooth Loin.png
Item-ID: 63
Max. Stack Size: 10
Type: Food
Source: Waddletooth drop
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A squiggly piece of loin from a Waddletooth critter. Disgusting, but nutritious.

Glossary entry[edit | edit source]

A squiggly bit of meat from a Waddletooth. Disgusting, but nutritious.

Sometimes I can find it near their nests, but they also drop it when deceased.

Usage in crafting[edit | edit source]

Tenacity Mixture Idea

Ingredients Products

Krocker Essence

Tenacity MixtureTenacity MixtureTenacity Mixture

Waddletooth LoinWaddletooth Loin


Highly Toxic Meat Platter Idea

Ingredients Products

Alpafant MeatAlpafant Meat

Highly Toxic Meat PlatterHighly Toxic Meat Platter

Bleeker ThighBleeker Thigh

Anura ShroomAnura ShroomAnura ShroomAnura Shroom



Waddletooth Loin



Puffle Egg