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Knowledge on The Blunder[]

Species-Flag-Cariblin.png Cariblin SpoilerThe Cariblins were the ones who brought a united council together and asked everyone to focus on their strenghts
Species-Flag-Litter.png Litter SpoilerNot only the Litters, but every species on the island was invited to join a meeting, as this large-scale event was about to change life on Albamare
Species-Flag-Krocker.png Krocker SpoilerThe Krockers were asked to work on and safekeep a special kind of pin that helped block off a safe location
Species-Flag-Fexel.png Fexel SpoilerThe Fexels were tasked with inventing a mechanical lever that helped block off a safe location
Species-Flag-Gobbledew.png Gobbledew SpoilerThe Gobbledew were the ones to find a safe location from where they could discuss their next steps