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An Outfinding of an earlier civilization that allows you to tame critters.

Found in the Ancient Stables vault, these bands can be used to tame any of the 4 critters found across Albamare. Each of the four critters is useful in it's own way: Alpafants and Puffles help in traversal, Waddletooths dig up loot, and Bleekers aid in combat.

Tamed critters follow you around, unless you specifically tell them to sit by tapping R. Holding R will teleport your tame to you.


Tamed Bleekers will fight by your side in battle; however, as the game progresses and your encounters become more difficult, the Bleeker's role in combat shifts from a damage dealer to simply a distraction. The manner in which tamed and wild Bleekers fight remains unchanged, but do note that AoE attacks from allied Bleekers will still damage you. Nevertheless, a Bleeker on your side is definitely helpful, making it easier to single out one enemy out of a group, while your tame distracts the others. If for nothing else, it is possible to aggro all enemies and simply run around, while your Bleeker fires his projectiles at them. This, while tedious and boring, is an effective way to 'cheat' through harder fights.

Glossary entry[]

The Ancient Stables gave me the Taming Bands! I can use it to tame critters around me, which are all useful in their own way.

I can tame critters by holding R next to a critter, if I approach them silently enough.

When tamed, I can tap R to make them either wait or follow me, and if they're far away, I can hold R to bring them close to me.


Critter Advantage
Alpafant Can be mounted to travel faster
Bleeker Fights in combat (distracts enemies) and powers up conducting switches
Puffle Can be jumped on to reach higher places
Waddletooth Digs up items from small mud piles