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Tribes[ | ]

There are six tribes in the world of Albamare. The Humans live isolated on the Unstable Cliff while the rest of Albamare is occupied by five different species with constantly changing relationships to each other. Despite the Humans isolation, they are known by these species but generally disliked.

Non-human Tribes[ | ]

Banner Appearance Name Description Capital
Species-Flag-Cariblin Glossary-Species-Cariblin Icon-Species-Affinity-CariblinCariblin A cervine species with an affinity for snowy regions who greatly resemble caribou. Icon-VillageCold Resort
Species-Flag-Fexel Fexel-Unit-Gatherer Icon-Species-Affinity-FexelFexel A fox-like species, who can make use of chemicals, small tools and who can make use of bombs in combat. Icon-VillageWedgewood Watch
Species-Flag-Gobbledew Gobbledew-Unit-Gatherer Icon-Species-Affinity-GobbledewGobbledew An exotic avian species with physical characteristics of both peacocks and turkeys. Icon-VillageDune's View
Species-Flag-Krocker Krocker-Unit-Roleless Icon-Species-Affinity-KrockerKrocker A shamistic reptilian species strongly resembling a crocodilian with an underbite and long teeth. Icon-VillageWoodland's End
Species-Flag-Litter Litter-Unit-Gatherer Icon-Species-Affinity-LitterLitter A small species resembling a combination of lizards, geckos and newts, who spit toxic saliva. Icon-VillageRock's Gaze

Other intelligent Species[ | ]

Image Name Description Known Characters
Oth Icon-Species-Affinity-TambaTamba Tambas are a small, very intelligent species resembling red pandas. Four Tambas are known to travel Albamare. Est, Nort, Oth, Wes
Pine KickstarterScreenshot 8 Mannoth Mannoths are an intelligent mammoth-like species. Only one mannoth is known to live on Albamare. Grob

Critters[ | ]

Image Name Description Possible Drops
Critter-Alpafant Icon-Critter-Taming-AlpafantAlpafant An easily domesticated critter with the features of a horse, but the feet and trunk of an elephant.

Tamba love using these strudy animals to carry their wares.

Bleeker-small-image Icon-Critter-Taming-BleekerBleeker An aggressive, amphibian critter, which will attack the player on sight.

It has widely set eyes, long antennas on head and mouth, long claws, sharp set of teeth and a mighty tail.

Their antennae generate electricity when vibrated.

Puffle-small-image Icon-Critter-Taming-PufflePuffle A pink, short, kiwi-like bird living on the ground. They have no spines and are quite bouncy.
Waddletooth-small-image Icon-Critter-Taming-WaddletoothWaddletooth Described as an "aquatic canine," it has a dog ears, walrus tusks, and feet and tail like a sea otter.

They enjoy burying trinkets under the ground.

Previous Inhabitants of Albamare[ | ]

These species and critters lived on Albamare in the past. They have either left the island, are hiding somewhere or have gone extinct.

Species[ | ]

Critters[ | ]

  • Adarna - a large, exotic bird that prefers nesting in trees near water.
  • Lumiconda - a large, luminescent anaconda with extremely strong teeth.

Kickstarter Concept[ | ]

Initially the Kickstarter promised a ecological hierarchy, with cultured species at the top and critters at the bottom.

A - Cultured Species - Intelligent, self-sufficient, inventive, settled, strong tools
B - Organized Species - Semi-intelligent, in groups, territorial, basic tools
C - Nomad Species - Roaming, small groups, basic behavior, scattered, mostly bare-handed
D - Critters - Ecological producers or balancers, unintelligent, nomadic, more creature-like; these can't evolve or devolve

Species, who live in villages, usually also take over certain roles or professions: Gatherers, Scouts, Traders, Hunters, Soldiers... etc [1]

This is no longer the case. It seems like categories B and C were scrapped.