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Zodiac wall painting of the Mohlen inside of the Dune Observatory

The Mohlen are a former mole-like species that inhabitated Mt. Telkin inside of the Hollow Mountain vault.

There whereabouts are a bit unclear. They might have dug to deep, relocated deeper into the mountain, and/or have gone extinct.


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The heights of Mt. Telkin have always attracted much lightning, and the ancient Mohlen species inside have done everything they could to harness that energy.

Artbook, page 36:

The Hollow Mountain is a large, open space, dug out by a now-extinct mole-like species called Mohlen. They started excavating the mountain because of a very rich and important material, which they deemed Mohlenite. It has conducting properties, making it useful for moving objects and powering their machinery inside the mountain.

Artbook, page 98:

The story of the Mohlen. The Humans helped them excravate the mountain, giving them the Conducting Lantern. But the Mohlen got greedy, wanted to dig even deeper, and never returned.