Mixtures are potions that Icon-Species-Text-Human.png Hue can drink to gain a temporary buff.

Normal Mixtures

These mixtures can be crafted.

Mixture Effect
Icon-Item-Clash Mixture.png Clash Mixture Melee Speed Boost
Icon-Item-Evasion Mixture.png Evasion Mixture Dodge Speed Boost
Icon-Item-Hop Brew.png Hop Brew Jump Height Boost
Icon-Item-Power Brew.png Power Brew Melee Damage Boost
Icon-Item-Scope Drink.png Scope Drink Ranged Damage Boost
Icon-Item-Spurt Mixture.png Spurt Mixture Move Speed Boost
Icon-Item-Stamina Brew.png Stamina Brew Restores 100% Icon-Rating-Energy.png
Icon-Item-Tenacity Mixture.png Tenacity Mixture Less vulnerable
Icon-Item-Vigor Brew.png Vigor Brew Restores 100% Icon-Rating-Heart.png

Species Mixtures

These mixtures can only be obtained by trading with Tier A villages of specific species that are friendly. They are very powerful, because they grant multiple or very strong effects at once.

Mixture Effect 1 Effect 2
Icon-Item-Cariblin Potion.png Cariblin Potion Melee Damage Boost More vulnerable
Icon-Item-Fexel Blend.png Fexel Blend Ranged Damage Boost More vulnerable
Icon-Item-Gobbledew Melange.png Gobbledew Melange Move Speed Boost Melee Speed Boost
Icon-Item-Krocker Brew.png Krocker Brew Less vulnerable Shield Stamina Boost
Icon-Item-Litter Broth.png Litter Broth Less vulnerable Ranged Speed Boost

Missing Mixtures

There are icons for 8 mixtures and their ideas in the game assets, that don't seem to be used in the game. [TODO: add the images here].

Additionally the Icon-Item-Vitality Drink.png Vitality Drink with the Icon-Idea-Vitality Drink.png Vitality Drink Idea, were removed from an earlier beta version of the game. They have almost the same icons as the Icon-Item-Vigor Brew.png Vigor Brew with the Icon-Idea-Vigor Brew.png Vigor Brew Idea.

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