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Mixtures are potions that Hue can drink to gain a temporary buff.

Normal Mixtures[]

These mixtures can be crafted.

Mixture Effect
Clash Mixture Melee Speed Boost
Evasion Mixture Dodge Speed Boost
Hop Brew Jump Height Boost
Power Brew Melee Damage Boost
Scope Drink Ranged Damage Boost
Spurt Mixture Move Speed Boost
Stamina Brew Restores 100% Energy
Tenacity Mixture Less vulnerable
Vigor Brew Restores 100% Vitality

Species Mixtures[]

These mixtures can only be obtained by trading with Tier A villages of specific species that are friendly. They are very powerful, because they grant multiple or very strong effects at once.

Mixture Effect 1 Effect 2
Cariblin Potion Melee Damage Boost More vulnerable
Fexel Blend Ranged Damage Boost More vulnerable
Gobbledew Melange Move Speed Boost Melee Speed Boost
Krocker Brew Less vulnerable Shield Stamina Boost
Litter Broth Less vulnerable Ranged Speed Boost

Missing Mixtures[]

There are icons for 8 mixtures and their ideas in the game assets, that don't seem to be used in the game. [TODO: add the images here].

Additionally the Vitality Drink with the Vitality Drink Idea, were removed from an earlier beta version of the game. They have almost the same icons as the Vigor Brew with the Vigor Brew Idea.