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All the known items in the game.

The list currently stops at Item ID 411 because that is how far it has been tested yet. There might be more items with greater IDs.

If an Item ID is missing, it is due to one of several possibilities:

  • the ID does not allow save files to load, if included in the player inventory.
  • the ID displays an item with the name Item Name and can be a pouch item, Equipment item, or Idea.
  • the ID doesn't break the game but doesn't have something associated with it.
  • the ID is for an item that isn't obtainable as a normal player (development items, cut content).
  • the ID is for an item that isn't meant for the general public (Kickstarter exclusives).
  • no one has gotten to that ID yet.

Item List[]

Item ID Item Type Max Stack Item Name Item Description
0 Food 15 Roseberry A common, tiny sweet fruit that grows on specific bushes in the Wedgewoods.
8 Food 10 Carrant A healthy, small vegetable growing on tall plants. Somewhat energizing, found in foresty areas.
9 Food 10 Meageryam An edible, not very tasty vegetable that grows low on the ground in and around the Wedgewoods.
10 Food 20 Tingflower A common, edible flower that grows in most fields on Albamare.
11 Food 20 Commonwheat A common and important cereal eaten by most species of Albamare, found on its lower plains.
12 Food 15 Alpafant Meat A sturdy piece of fresh meat from an Alpafant Critter.
13 Food 15 Puffle Egg A small, pink egg from a Puffle critter.
14 Material 10 Marrwood A small log, easy to process for crafting a variety of tools.
15 Crafted 10 Stiffrope A crafted, braided thread used to bind objects together when crafting.
16 Material 5 Lean-Iron A common, chemically sturdy material to solidify mostly anything with. Can be found against cliffs, mainly in the mountain areas.
17 Essence 10 Cariblin Essence A soul-like fragment of a Cariblin organism
18 Essence 10 Litter Essence A soul-like fragment of a Litter organism.
19 Material 10 Dullrock A common type of rock used for crafting a wide variety of tools.
20 Essence 10 Krocker Essence A soul-like fragment of a Krocker organism.
21 Essence 10 Fexel Essence A soul-like fragment of a Fexel organism.
22 Material 15 Crassbone Marrow and bone from deceased species and critters.
23 Crafted 10 Stuffcloth Crafted, soft, woven fabric to cover objects when crafting.
24 Material 20 Puffle Feather A small pink feather from the rear end of a Puffle critter.
25 Material 10 Alpafant Leather A thin, grey-ish leather that can be used for isolation and coverage, from Albamare's Alpafant critters.
28 Important 1 Amam's Map A map drawn by Amam while preparing to explore the world around the Unstable Cliffs.
30 Important 1 Conducting Lantern An Outfinding of an earlier civilization that energizes even the darkest of places.
31 Important 1 Scouting Lens An Outfinding of an earlier civilization that lets set beyond what you know.
32 Important 1 Vault Key A large key that opens the large gates to Vaults.
34 Material 10 Sandstone A soft stone that crumbles on pressure, but can be very useful in crafting. Can be found on beaches and in sand.
36 Important 1 Taming Bands An Outfinding of an earlier civilization that allows you to tame critters.
47 Crafted 10 Softglass A crafted material that is surprisingly strong and useful for see-through objects.
48 Material 5 Spystal Extremely strong material emitting a faint blue light, found between the grasses of Albamare's plains.
50 Important 1 Mannoth Callus Extremely hard to get, but tougher than anything on Albamare.
53 Important 1 Adarna Wing A rare wing obtained from a rare Adarna critter. Glowing red colors that make materials stronger.
54 Important 1 Lumiconda Tooth A strong material of an ancient snake-like critter that once roamed Albamare.
55 Material 10 Toothstone A hardened plaque of dental bacteria of larger species and critters, found in swampy areas.
56 Material 5 Slick Pearl A costly, shiny pearl, appearing in only some of the shells that wash up on Albamare's shores.
57 Material 15 Lunarodos A bright flower, found mainly in soggy areas, of which the extract can be applied to solidify and enhance.
58 Material 15 Solfodil A dark flower, found mainly in mountainous areas, of which the extract is used to enhance many objects.
59 Food 20 Dunerice An energizing, edible seed of a grass that grows wildly in the Dune areas of Albamare.
60 Food 15 Nuctus A sweet, hard and nutritious piece of food that grows on tough green plants in the dry parts of Albamare.
61 Food 10 Fatplant A rather heavy, edible plant that holds plenty of fresh water, found in warm, dry areas.
62 Food 5 Leafdough A fabricated, energizing paste of wheat and bush leaves used by some species to spice up their dinner.
63 Food 10 Waddletooth Loin A squiggly piece of loin from a Waddletooth critter. Disgusting, but nutritious.
64 Food 10 Bleeker Thigh A rare and rather slimey piece of Bleeker meat.
66 Food 10 Mudbeet A very nutritious, bitter beet eaten by most creatures in the Soggy Woodlands.
67 Food 10 Anura Shroom A rather slimey mushroom type, traditionally eaten by slimey creatures only, now widely found around the soggy arreas of Albamare.
68 Food 15 Obergine A long, bitter-sweet plant full of edible fluids that is found low in the ground in swamps.
69 Food 15 Avian Pepper A highly energizing, spicy vegetable originating from the Arid Canyon.
70 Food 20 Ridge Fennel A nutritious, shot type of grain growing on ridges in the mountain area.
71 Food 20 Telkin Chives A bright green food that keeps your feet warm and energizes your movements, found in the higher regions of Albamare.
72 Material 3 Beagalite A strong mineral unique to Albamare, highly valued and used to solidify almost any object.
73 Essence 10 Gobbledew Essence A soul-like fragment of a Gobbledew organism.
75 Material 15 Gravel Moss Moss that grows on low rocks in and around the Wedgewoods.
76 Material 15 Grandcone Cones of the common conifers of the Wedgewoods. Finding them near large logs.
77 Material 15 Morrow Hay A soft grass that, when bound, creates strong structures. Finding this in lower grassy areas.
78 Material 5 Dry Clay A sturdy building material made of the iconic red rock of the dunes of Albamare.
103 Mixture 50 Spurt Mixture A mixture that makes you move faster.
106 Mixture 50 Hop Brew A mixture that lets you jump higher.
107 Mixture 50 Evasion Mixture A mixture that lets you dodge faster.
108 Mixture 50 Clash Mixture A mixture that makes your melee attacks faster.
112 Mixture 50 Power Brew A mixture that makes your melee attacks more powerful.
113 Mixture 50 Scope Drink A mixture that makes your ranged attacks more powerful.
114 Mixture 50 Tenacity Mixture A mixture that makes you less vulnerable.
120 Mixture 50 Stamina Brew A mixture that completely energizes you immediately.
121 Mixture 50 Vigor Brew A mixture that gives you 100% of your vitality back.
122 Idea 1 Spurt Mixture Idea
124 Idea 1 Hop Brew Idea
125 Idea 1 Evasion Mixture Idea
126 Idea 1 Clash Mixture Idea
130 Idea 1 Power Brew Idea
131 Idea 1 Scope Drink Idea
132 Idea 1 Tenacity Mixture Idea
138 Idea 1 Stamina Brew Idea
139 Idea 1 Vigor Brew Idea
141 Idea 1 Attic Key Idea
144 Important 1 Attic Key A key for the attic door in the Ancient Stables Vault.
146 Equipment 1 Gatherer's Tunic Basic but trustworthy clothing for gatherers and Humans living in trees.
147 Equipment 1 Gatherer's Slacks A basic pair of trousers for simple protection.
148 Equipment 1 Gatherer's Wrist Rope A tight rope around the wrist to make being around trees less straining.
149 Equipment 1 Wedgewood Tunic A moss and wood-based outfit that protects against friction and basic impacts.
150 Equipment 1 Wedgewood Leg Guards Simple wooden protectors to traverse the woods more easily.
151 Equipment 1 Outgoer's Arm Guards Solid arm protectors to somewhat protect against incoming attacks.
152 Equipment 1 Outgoer's Jacket A well-made vest that warms when it needs to and slightly protects in combat.
153 Equipment 1 Outgoer's Trousers Flexible pair of pants for when you traverse longer distances or find yourself in a conflict often.
154 Equipment 1 Outgoer's Shinguards Protective set of thick guards around the shins, to make traversing and fighting less straining.
159 Equipment 1 Hunter's Vest A thick tunicl for battling, heavy lifting and long journeys.
160 Equipment 1 Hunter's Pants A comfortable pair of slacks that thoroughly protects the traveler wearing it.
161 Equipment 1 Hunter's Boots A strong pair of leather boots, protecting against low blows and onerous travels.
162 Equipment 1 Hunter's Arm Guards A durable set of arm guards to aid in any confrontation.
167 Equipment 1 Telkin Cap A large helmet, invented and crafted by Mannoth species to heavily protect even in colder areas.
170 Equipment 1 Antler Mask Strong head protection crafted by the Cariblin species.
171 Equipment 1 Antler Braces Strong braces conjured up by Cariblin species, to aid you in battle and to keep you warm.
172 Equipment 1 Antler Shinguards Protective leg plates to help you hold off low-targeted attacks, designed by Cariblins.
173 Equipment 1 Spitter's Hood A tall red hood fabricated by the Litter species.
174 Equipment 1 Spitter's Wristguards Soft Litter-cloth cushions around the wrists that enhances your aegis.
175 Equipment 1 Spitter's Legs Pair of provisional leg cushions that slightly fortifies your outfit, crafted by Litters.
176 Equipment 1 Barrel Mask An intriguing mask of Lean-iron and Stuffcloth, devised by Fexel species.
177 Equipment 1 Barrel Gloves A solid pair of mitts used by Fexels in alchemy and combat.
178 Equipment 1 Barrel Boots Thick footwear made for the Fexel's delicate feet, slightly adding to your protective covering.
179 Equipment 1 Skull Horns Spiritual headwear crafted by Krocker species.
180 Equipment 1 Skull Arm Braces A strong, protective splint around the arms to fortify one's stability, invented by Krocker species.
181 Equipment 1 Skull Leg Braces A set of durable splints near the legs to improve stability, made by Krockers.
182 Equipment 1 Feather Adornment An alluring set of feathers arranged for on the head by Gobbledew species.
184 Equipment 1 Feather Sleeves Adorning, delicate sleeves to enhance protection, created by Gobbledew.
185 Equipment 1 Feather Shinguards Elegant armament around the legs to improve one's armor, crafted by Gobbledew.
186 Material 15 Waddletooth Blubber A jelly-like substance from Waddletooths, secreted when they feel at home.
187 Other 99 Key Graphite A dark grit which, when compressed, forms intricately shaped and solid items.
188 Material 15 Bleeker Antenna A slimey antenna of a deceased Bleeker critter, which still seems to hold some of its conducting capabilities.
190 Other 1000 Albamare Key One of Albamare's unique keys, opening its unique chests.
191 Idea 1 Stiffrope Idea The for a braided thread used to bind objects together when crafting.
193 Idea 1 Stuffcloth Idea The for a soft, woven fabric to cover objects when crafting.
194 Idea 1 Softglass Idea The for softglass, a fabricated material that is strong and useful for see-through objects.
195 Idea 1 Albamare Key Idea The for making one of Albamare's unique keys, opening its unique chests.
196 Equipment 1 Beagalite Helmet A sturdy, well balanced helmet, excellent for protecting one's head.
197 Equipment 1 Beagalite Plates An exquisite piece of body armour, absorbs a large amount of force when struck.
198 Equipment 1 Beagalite Breeches Solid yet flexible slacks, provides great protection against incoming weapons.
200 Idea 1 Wedgewood Tunic Idea An for a moss and wood-based outfit that protects against friction and basic impacts.
202 Idea 1 Outgoer's Arm Guards Idea
203 Idea 1 Outgoer's Jacket Idea
204 Idea 1 Outgoer's Trousers Idea
205 Idea 1 Outgoer's Shinguards Idea
210 Idea 1 Hunter's Vest Idea
211 Idea 1 Hunter's Pants Idea
212 Idea 1 Hunter's Boots Idea
213 Idea 1 Hunter's Arm Guards Idea
217 Idea 1 Telkin Cap Idea
220 Idea 1 Antler Mask Idea
221 Idea 1 Antler Braces Idea
222 Idea 1 Antler Shinguards Idea
223 Idea 1 Spitter's Hood Idea
224 Idea 1 Spitter's Wristguards Idea
225 Idea 1 Spitter's Legs Idea
226 Idea 1 Barrel Mask Idea
227 Idea 1 Barrel Gloves Idea
228 Idea 1 Barrel Boots Idea
229 Idea 1 Skull Horns Idea
230 Idea 1 Skull Arm Braces Idea
231 Idea 1 Skull Leg Braces Idea
232 Idea 1 Feather Adornment Idea
233 Idea 1 Feather Sleeves Idea
234 Idea 1 Feather Shinguards Idea
238 Equipment 1 Wedgewood Wrist Guards Simple wooden protectors to traverse the woods more easily.
240 Equipment 999 Sharp Arrow Elementary arrows to fire with bows. Deal straighforward damage.
241 Equipment 1 Sling Pebbles An infinite source of small rocks to shoot with a slingshot.
242 Equipment 999 Broadhead Arrow Highly damaging arrows for body shots. Deal a great amount of damage, not good for damaging weakspots.
243 Equipment 999 Staggering Arrow Penetrating arrows specialized for hitting a weakspot. Deals a good amount of damage and knocks back any opponent.
244 Equipment 100 Explosive Arrow Arrow containing explosive liquid that explodes on impact.
246 Equipment 1 Old Pinewood Sword A small handmade pine-wood sword you got from the dark cavern under your home.
248 Equipment 1 Wedgewood Bow A basic bow made of pine-wood, used for dealing medium damage at medium range.
249 Equipment 1 Wedgewood Shield A pine-wood shield for protection against basic attacks.
250 Equipment 1 Outgoer's Sword A simple, one-handed sword to deal basic damage with.
251 Equipment 1 Outgoer's Shield A common wooden shield with a sturdy Lean-iron binding.
252 Equipment 1 Hunter's Bow A strong, common bow used mainly for hunting critters.
257 Equipment 1 Spitter Bow A bow crafted by Litters, solidified with Spystal.
258 Equipment 1 Beagalite Axe An extemely sturdy axe for highly damaging blows.
259 Equipment 1 Beagalite Shield A shield as strong as they come, with Albamare's sturdiest material at its core.
260 Equipment 1 Hunter's Sword A heavy blade to deal heavy damage with.
262 Equipment 1 Antler Mace A heavy and sturdy weapon built by Cariblin tribes.
263 Equipment 1 Antler Shield A sturdy shield made from the Cariblin's best Lean-iron and Marrwood.
265 Equipment 1 Spitter Axe A Spystal-based axe prepared with a certain type of saliva to make its piercings stick longer.
266 Equipment 1 Skull Mace A thin but solid weapon, made of marrow and bone of deceased species.
267 Equipment 1 Skull Shield A bone-built shield, made from hippo and bird remainders for strong protection.
269 Equipment 1 Barrel Shield A wood-based shield, seemingly made to withhold heavy blows from chemical weaponry.
270 Equipment 1 Feather Sickle A razor-sharp, lightweight melee weapon resembling the claws of a certain avian species.
271 Equipment 1 Feather Bow A lightweight, sturdy bow using glossy feathers in its core.
274 Idea 1 Outgoer's Sword Idea
275 Idea 1 Outgoer's Shield Idea
276 Idea 1 Hunter's Bow Idea
281 Idea 1 Spitter Bow Idea
282 Idea 1 Beagalite Axe Idea
283 Idea 1 Beagalite Shield Idea
284 Idea 1 Hunter's Sword Idea
286 Idea 1 Antler Mace Idea
287 Idea 1 Antler Shield Idea
289 Idea 1 Spitter Axe Idea
290 Idea 1 Skull Mace Idea
291 Idea 1 Skull Shield Idea
293 Idea 1 Barrel Shield Idea
294 Idea 1 Feather Sickle Idea
295 Idea 1 Feather Bow Idea
296 Other 70 Amphiscus Orb A rare, mysterious orb, seemingly from the civilization of an ancient species. Seems to hold special meaning.
297 Idea 1 Sharp Arrow Idea An for elementary arrows to fire with basic bows. Deal straightforward damage.
298 Equipment 1 Wedgewood Sword An pine-wood sword that deals little damage but cuts deep.
299 Idea 1 Wedgewood Sword Idea
300 Important 1 Pouch Upgrade 1 A slightly larger pouch to carry your items in.
301 Important 1 Pouch Upgrade 2 A large pouch to carry many items.
302 Token 10 Gatherer Token An order and badge of a gatherer, tasked by the leader of a village to check the nearby surroundings and collect food and materials.
303 Token 10 Trader Token An order and badge of a trader, tasked by the leader of a village to trade with a neighbouring village.
304 Token 10 Guard Token An order and badge of a village guard, tasked by the leader to protect a territory at all cost.
305 Token 10 Raider Token An order and badge of a raider, tasked by the leader of a village to invade a settlement.
306 Equipment 1 Amam's Slingshot A simple, handmade slingshot you got from your brother.
310 Simulation 10 Preservation Knowledge A scroll containing methods of food and material preservation, boosting the village banks. Seems to let the ancient material Droolica reappear in villages. Lasts 5 minutes.
311 Simulation 10 False Commision A fabricated order for extra food and armor, causing a village to increase its expenses and overproduce. This will last for 5 minutes.
312 Simulation 10 Incoming Storm Rumor A rumor about a large incoming storm, for which villagers will make haste. The leader will order more gather and trade parties for 5 minutes.
313 Simulation 10 Incoming Heat Wave Rumor A rumor about an incoming heat wave, making villagers slow down. The village will send out fewer trading and gathering parties for 5 minutes.
314 Simulation 10 Tranquility Rumor A message spreading a vibe of peace and tranquility, making the village rapidly increase its population. The leader of the village will order its subjects to be peaceful towards all other factions for 5 minutes.
315 Simulation 10 Cataclysm Rumor A rumor of an incoming cataclysm, making a village enter survival mode, starting to decrease its population. The leader of the village will order its subjects to be aggressive towards all factions for 5 minutes.
316 Simulation 10 Peace Treaty A document containing a treaty of fruitful cooperation. The involved parties will greatly improve their affinity relations.
318 Simulation 10 Efficiency Plan An elaborate plan about more efficient material usage. Villagers possessing this will produce stronger armor and will upgrade much quicker. The effect lingers for 5 minutes.
319 Simulation 10 Faulty Designs A false plan that introduces bad designs for armor and structure, causing villages to need a lot more resources to upgrade and build low-quality armor. The effect lingers for 5 minutes.
321 Simulation 5 Rotten Meat Platter Large platter of meat that was seasoned well to cover its rot. Village inhabitants that eat it will get sick which will weaken them in combat. The health effect lingers for 5 minutes.
322 Simulation 5 Poisoned Meat Platter Large platter of meat that was treated with a poisonous rub. Village inhabitants that eat it will get a fever which will weaken them strongly in combat. The effect of the poison lingers for 5 minutes.
323 Simulation 3 Highly Toxic Meat Platter Large platter of meat that was marinated in toxic juice. Village inhabitants that eat it will get extremely sick causing them to be very weak in combat. The effect lingers for 5 minutes.
338 Trap 3 Explosive Keg A highly unstable brew that reacts on impact. Any impact will cause a large explosion that can pierce any armor and remove fragile structures.
339 Trap 6 Explosive Tripwire A sneaky contraption that explodes when steppd on.
340 Trap 6 Sparkler Trap A contraption that scares creatures when activated. When triggered outside of villages, creatures panic and drop their current belongings.
341 Raid Flare 5 Cariblin Raid Flare A contraption that orders a Cariblin raid group. Must be deployed next to a village that does not belong to Cariblin.
342 Raid Flare 5 Fexel Raid Flare A contraption that orders a Fexel raid group. Must be deployed next to a village that does not belong to Fexels.
343 Raid Flare 5 Gobbledew Raid Flare A contraption that orders a Gobbledew raid group. Must be deployed next to a village that does not belong to Gobbledew.
344 Raid Flare 5 Krocker Raid Flare A contraption that orders a Krocker raid group. Must be deployed next to a village that does not belong to Krockers.
345 Raid Flare 5 Litter Raid Flare A contraption that orders a Litter raid group. Must be deployed next to a village that does not belong to Litters.
346 Idea 1 Sparkler Trap Idea
347 Idea 1 Explosive Keg Idea
348 Idea 1 Explosive Tripwire Idea
349 Idea 1 Preservation Knowledge Idea
350 Idea 1 False Commision Idea
351 Idea 1 Incoming Storm Rumor Idea
352 Idea 1 Incoming Heat Wave Rumor Idea
353 Idea 1 Tranquility Rumor Idea
354 Idea 1 Cataclysm Rumor Idea
355 Idea 1 Peace Treaty Idea
360 Idea 1 Rotten Meat Platter Idea
361 Idea 1 Poisoned Meat Platter Idea
362 Idea 1 Highly Toxic Meat Platter Idea
363 Idea 1 Efficiency Plan Idea
364 Idea 1 Faulty Designs Idea
367 Idea 1 Broadhead Arrow Idea
368 Idea 1 Staggering Arrow Idea
369 Material 10 Droolica A byproduct of grinding stone with Litter spit. Every grain is extremely hard and has the ability to draw out moisture, making itl for preserving food and other materials.
370 Important 1 King Drool's Spystal Fragment A rare breed of Spystal engulfed in Litter spit. It is radiating light, and is mesmerizing for whoever gazes at it.
371 Important 1 Fermented Meageryam A Meageryam that a Litter chief has been sitting on for a week. It has nutritional value, but smells heavy and musky. Fully depletes your energy instantly.
372 Important 1 Mechanical Lever Seemingly simple contraption that played a big role for the technological advancement of Albamare. Similar mechanisms have become a part of the daily life on the island.
373 Important 1 Bloodberries Mysterious pieces of food that reek of Lean-iron. Has a moldy feel and a slight pulsation. Not very apetizing...
374 Important 1 Dark Beast Bait Incredibly pungent bait. The size of it suggest that whatever it is to be hunted is extremely large and dangerous.
375 Important 1 Dark Beast's Eye The eye of a poweful, unique Bleeker. It's pulsating and radiating energy.
376 Important 1 Garment Crassbone Pin Part of the Krocker chief garment. The pin seems carved and straightened intentionally.
377 Important 1 Beagalite Antenna Cap A crudely engineered part, meant to block the conducting capabilities of Mohlenite.
378 Important 1 Pearl Necklace Gift An extravagant piece of jewelery. The excessive use of Slick Pearl, one of the most expensive materials on Albamare, is meant to impress royal blood.
379 Idea 1 Pearl Necklace Gift Idea
380 Important 1 Sibblesunc Alphabet Scroll containing symbols that form the Sibblesunc interpretation on the common Albamare language.
381 Idea 1 Fexel Raid Flare Idea
382 Important 1 Litter Council Invitation A call for unity between all species on the island of Albamare. This one is addressed to the Litters.
384 Important 1 Tiny Hidden Key A small key with unknown ability.
386 Idea 1 Explosive Arrow Idea
387 Equipment 1 Wedgewood Pants A slightly more solid pair of pants, based on Gravel Moss and Stiffrope.
388 Idea 1 Wedgewood Pants Idea for a slightly more solid pair of pants, based on Gravel Moss and Stiffrope.
389 Idea 1 Litter Raid Flare Idea
390 Idea 1 Krocker Raid Flare Idea
391 Idea 1 Cariblin Raid Flare Idea
392 Idea 1 Gobbledew Raid Flare Idea
393 Equipment 1 Beagalite Gauntlets Segmented gauntlets, protecting your fingers from dismemberment.
394 Equipment 1 Beagalite Sabatons Uncomfortable sabatons, protecting your toes from dismemberment as well as keeping your feet warm. Very warm.
395 Equipment 1 Barrel Bow A sturdy bow made of the Fexel's lenient wood, solidified with their alchemy-proof metals.
396 Idea 1 Barrel Bow Idea
399 Mixture 50 Krocker Brew A specific mixture created by the Krockers that makes you less vulnerable and greatly increased shield stamina.
400 Mixture 50 Cariblin Potion A mixture created by the Cariblins that focuses on melee damage by greatly increasing it, but also makes you more vulnerable.
401 Mixture 50 Litter Broth A rather disgusting brew from the Litters that makes you less vulnerable and greatly increases your ranged attack speed.
403 Mixture 50 Gobbledew Melange A beautiful liquid by the Gobbledew that makes you a small movement bonus and greatly increases melee attack speed.
405 Idea 1 Alternate Stuffcloth Idea
406 Important 1 Scavenger's Fragment A mysterious fragment placed by a traveler, whom's notes you found in the Pollen Pass. Seems to be part of a set.
407 Mixture 50 Fexel Blend A smartly conjured up mixture by the Fexels that focuses on an increased ranged attack damage, but also makes you a bit more vulnerable.
408 Other 1000 Travel Kit A craftable kit that can transfer you to the Tamba house or to the village of an allied species when used.
409 Idea 1 Travel Kit Idea