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An Idea for a heavy blade to deal heavy damage with.


Hunter's Sword Idea
Ingredients Product

10x Lean-Iron

Hunter's Sword

Alpafant LeatherAlpafant Leather

Waddletooth Blubber

Bleeker AntennaBleeker AntennaBleeker Antenna


Litter Essence

Cariblin Essence

Krocker Essence

Fexel Essence

Gobbledew Essence

Open World Puzzle[]


Taming Bands and
Conducting Lantern or Scouting Lens


Spoiler (Part 1)
There are four required pins in the immediate area. One is at the ocean side of the building in the socket - retrieving this pin will lower the platform hiding the Scouting Lens symbol. Two are buried in the piles around the structure - you need a tamed Waddletooth to dig those up. The last is at the top of the structure - use the platforms to the side to jump up.

Spoiler (Part 2)
Pull the lever at the top of the structure to reveal the crystal below. Use the Conducting Lantern to zap the crystal and energize the path around the lowering elevator platform. Place pins in the holes and zap the crystal until you get the entire path lit up then the elevator platform will lower so you can get to the chest.
Use the Scouting Lens to see the clues at the corners of the building and place the pins in the corresponding sockets. Once the pins are placed in the correct positions the elevator platform will lower so you can get to the chest.

Spoiler (Cheese Method)
Alternatively, you can stand on the very slight wooden protrusion, and slingshot the target through the window.