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Items of the category Food can be eaten by Icon-Species-Text-HumanHue to regain health and stamina.

Most food items have renewable item source nodes distributed all over the world, while others are only dropped by Critters.

Each food type replenishes Icon-Species-Text-HumanHue's health and stamina at varying rates. No single food is the best at both health AND stamina, though there are a few that are near the top of both.

Replenished health and stamina rates from foods (listed from lowest to highest)
Health Replenished Stamina Replenished
Icon-Item-CommonwheatCommonwheat Icon-Item-Fermented MeageryamFermented Meageryam ( ! )
Icon-Item-DunericeDunerice Icon-Item-DunericeDunerice
Icon-Item-Ridge FennelRidge Fennel Icon-Item-RoseberryRoseberry
Icon-Item-RoseberryRoseberry Icon-Item-Anura ShroomAnura Shroom
Icon-Item-Avian PepperAvian Pepper Icon-Item-Ridge FennelRidge Fennel
Icon-Item-MeageryamMeageryam Icon-Item-Avian PepperAvian Pepper
Icon-Item-Alpafant MeatAlpafant Meat Icon-Item-MeageryamMeageryam
Icon-Item-Anura ShroomAnura Shroom Icon-Item-MudbeetMudbeet
Icon-Item-Telkin ChivesTelkin Chives Icon-Item-CarrantCarrant
Icon-Item-ObergineObergine Icon-Item-ObergineObergine
Icon-Item-TingflowerTingflower Icon-Item-CommonwheatCommonwheat
Icon-Item-NuctusNuctus Icon-Item-NuctusNuctus
Icon-Item-Puffle EggPuffle Egg Icon-Item-FatplantFatplant
Icon-Item-CarrantCarrant Icon-Item-TingflowerTingflower
Icon-Item-Waddletooth LoinWaddletooth Loin Icon-Item-Waddletooth LoinWaddletooth Loin
Icon-Item-FatplantFatplant Icon-Item-LeafdoughLeafdough
Icon-Item-LeafdoughLeafdough Icon-Item-Puffle EggPuffle Egg
Icon-Item-MudbeetMudbeet Icon-Item-Bleeker ThighBleeker Thigh
Icon-Item-Bleeker ThighBleeker Thigh Icon-Item-Alpafant MeatAlpafant Meat
Icon-Item-Fermented MeageryamFermented Meageryam ( ! ) Icon-Item-Telkin ChivesTelkin Chives
( ! ) Icon-Item-Fermented MeageryamFermented Meageryam replenishes a very large amount of health, but reduces Stamina to ZERO.

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