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An Outfinding of an earlier civilization that energizes even the darkest of places.

The Conducting Lantern is an Outfinding found in the Hollow Mountain Vault. Unlike the other 2 outfindings, Holding R will have no secondary effect. When R is tapped, Hue will draw out the lantern and it will release a set of sparks out into the air. They travel fast, and dissipate after a few seconds. It has uses both in Combat and Puzzle-Solving


The Conducting Lantern is a Purple shard of Mohlenite inlaid in a dark Metal Tablet, seemingly made of Lean-Iron. It has handles wrapped in brown leather protruding from both ends. When used, Hue will take out the Lantern and hold it in front of him, and Sparks will appear from the Crystal. These Sparks are a bright white, and snake outwards, dissipating entirely after travelling a few meters. Any Lanterns that come into contact with these sparks become charged, and glow blueish-white.


When activated, a group of sparks are produced. The range of these sparks is surprisingly large, and can affect things in the environment from a decent range away. Tapping R while facing a nearby lantern will charge it (often momentarily) and active the function it was attached to.

While in combat, Hue can activate the Lantern to electrocute nearby enemies, momentarily making then stumble. This stun is functionally identical to the Kick, in that it knocks an enemy out of an attack animation if they are hit. This can be very useful for cancelling powerful attacks, like the Fexel's Explosive Keg. It can also cancel an attempt to heal. The Lantern acts much faster than the Kick, and has considerably more range. It does not, however, have any melee combo of it's own.

The Lantern also does a slight amount of knockback, which helps when dealing with powerful and overbearing enemies. This is even more so in tight/claustrophobic spaces, such as when raiding a village, or during the Final Boss Fight. The stun synergizes well with a heavy melee combo too.

Glossary entry[]

The Conducting Lantern, which I found in the Hollow Mountain, is finally of use with all those crackling lanterns across Albamare!

Tapping R will bring out the Conducting Lantern and send some effective sparks forward pretty quickly. It can stun enemies in combat, but also trigger suspcious-looking lantern triggers.