Cariblin Essence

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Cariblin Essence
Glossary-Material-Species Essence.png
Max. Stack Size: 10
Type: Material

Glossary entry[edit | edit source]

A soul-like fragment of a Cariblin. It can only be 'extracted' from them, which is a bit...

Everyone except for the Cariblins appreciates this resource and it's highly valued, as well as applied in some crafting recipes that are key to some other species.

Usage in Crafting[edit | edit source]

Beagalite Axe Idea

Ingredients Product


Beagalite Axe

Alpafant LeatherAlpafant LeatherAlpafant Leather

12x Lean-Iron

8x Beagalite


Gobbledew EssenceGobbledew Essence

Cariblin EssenceCariblin Essence

Fexel EssenceFexel Essence

Hunter's Sword Idea

Ingredients Product

10x Lean-Iron

Hunter's Sword

Alpafant LeatherAlpafant Leather

Waddletooth Blubber

Bleeker AntennaBleeker AntennaBleeker Antenna


Litter Essence

Cariblin Essence

Krocker Essence

Fexel Essence

Gobbledew Essence

Hunter's Bow Idea

Ingredients Product


Hunter's Bow

Bleeker AntennaBleeker AntennaBleeker AntennaBleeker Antenna


Waddletooth BlubberWaddletooth Blubber

Alpafant LeatherAlpafant LeatherAlpafant LeatherAlpafant LeatherAlpafant Leather

Litter EssenceLitter Essence

Cariblin EssenceCariblin Essence

Krocker EssenceKrocker Essence

Fexel EssenceFexel Essence

Gobbledew EssenceGobbledew Essence

Power Brew Idea

Ingredients Products

Cariblin Essence

Power BrewPower BrewPower Brew

Bleeker ThighBleeker Thigh