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Glossary entry[]

A rather angry-looking species who seem strict but fair. Their antlers are a strong weapon, and they're not afraid to use it in combat...

The Cariblins have a very tight order in their societies. Trial by combat is not unheard of to decide who's taking the chief's throne. They originate from the high mountains, where their thick fur helps them keep warm and their active livestyle [sic] comes to fruition.

While they often want to appear diplomatic, raw power is probably the main thing I can learn from them.


Cariblin Units
Image Role
Cariblin-Unit-Roleless.png Villager
Cariblin-Unit-Merchant.png Merchant
Cariblin-Unit-Gatherer.png Gatherer
Cariblin-Unit-Guard.png Guard
Please add a image Raider
Cariblin-Unit-Chief.png Chief


As described by the Glossary Entry, Cariblin excel at melee combat with their raw strength. When confronted, Cariblin fight with an assortment of powerful short-range attacks, mostly with their heavy logs. These are slow and well choreographed, and thus easy to avoid with well-timed dashes towards the side. Their most annoying trait is their powerful block, which is functionally identical to the player's Shield. This can prove to be quite annoying, especially when fighting large numbers, so generous usage of block breakers (such as Kicks, Explosives, and the Conducting Lantern) is advised.

Bows are not advised when fighting Cariblin, greatly due to their block, and also the fact that they have a powerful distance closer that they are unafraid to use. Instead, it is advised to fight at melee range, making good use of the Shield's Parry.