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An extremely sturdy axe for highly damaging blows.


Beagalite Axe Idea
Ingredients Product

Icon-Item-Marrwood.png Icon-Item-Marrwood.png Icon-Item-Marrwood.png Icon-Item-Marrwood.png

Icon-Item-Beagalite Axe.png

Icon-Item-Alpafant Leather.png Icon-Item-Alpafant Leather.png Icon-Item-Alpafant Leather.png

12x Icon-Item-Lean-Iron.png

8x Icon-Item-Beagalite.png

Icon-Item-Droolica.png Icon-Item-Droolica.png Icon-Item-Droolica.png

Icon-Item-Gobbledew Essence.png Icon-Item-Gobbledew Essence.png

Icon-Item-Cariblin Essence.png Icon-Item-Cariblin Essence.png

Icon-Item-Fexel Essence.png Icon-Item-Fexel Essence.png


This is the most damaging melee weapon in the game, outperforming even the Icon-Item-Hunter's Sword.png Hunter's Sword in combat.

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