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A strong mineral unique to Albamare, highly valued and used to solidify almost any object.

This material is a quest objective for Grob's Workshop

Glossary entry[]

Albamare's own, rare mineral. It's said that every species simply adores this, but it's a bit scarce.

I can find this everywhere, but only if I look hard enough. Usually, Beagalite just sits there, alone, if it hasn't been picked up by a gatherer already.

Usage in crafting[]

Beagalite Axe Idea
Ingredients Product


Beagalite Axe

Alpafant LeatherAlpafant LeatherAlpafant Leather

12x Lean-Iron

8x Beagalite


Gobbledew EssenceGobbledew Essence

Cariblin EssenceCariblin Essence

Fexel EssenceFexel Essence

Beagalite Shield Idea
Ingredients Product

8x Marrwood

Beagalite Shield

6x Alpafant Leather


12x Lean-Iron



Litter EssenceLitter Essence

Krocker EssenceKrocker Essence


Screenshot Area Amount X Y Z Interactive Map
Screenshot-Beagalite-431.jpg Grand Valley 1 -713.32 89.74 -67.34 Show on map
Screenshot-Beagalite-432.jpg Pollen Fields 1 -552.918 100.97 -270.704 Show on map
Screenshot-Beagalite-433.jpg Mt. Telkin 2 -439.69 165.28 506.61 Show on map
Screenshot-Beagalite-434.jpg Ridge Banks 1 -124.906 99.0565 169.48 Show on map
Screenshot-Beagalite-435.jpg Wedgewoods 1 22.1179 64.6863 -178.385 Show on map
Screenshot-Beagalite-168.jpg Soggy Woodlands 1 502.54 35.14 504.42 Show on map