Pine Wiki
Icon Name Description
Icon-Achievement-Fashionista.jpg Fashionista Gather all gear created by species.
Icon-Achievement-Carpenter.jpg Carpenter Gather all tools created by species.
Icon-Achievement-Zap Away.jpg Zap Away Find the Conducting Lantern Outfinding.
Icon-Achievement-See Ahead.jpg See Ahead Find the Scouting Lens Outfinding.
Icon-Achievement-Riding Off.jpg Riding Off Find the Taming Bands Outfinding.
Icon-Achievement-Potion Master.jpg Potion Master Have every mixture crafted at least once.
Icon-Achievement-Grob's Support.jpg Grob's Support Collect and wear the full Beagalite set.
Icon-Achievement-Keyholder.jpg Keyholder Gather all Key Graphite you can find on the island.
Icon-Achievement-Collector's Dream.jpg Collector's Dream Gather all Amphiscus Orbs.
Icon-Achievement-Take This.jpg Take This Open all Albamare chests in the open world.
Icon-Achievement-Cave Dweller.jpg Cave Dweller Visit all caves at least once.
Icon-Achievement-A New Home.jpg A New Home Finish Hue's main story.
Icon-Achievement-Battle of the Reptiles.jpg Battle of the Reptiles Trigger a raid between the Litter and Krocker species.